London (starryidsurpriz) wrote in ana_mk,

Alright, I just wanna start this off by saying hey I'm new! I'm London, I am was the verrry active mod in Thinspirememk& Thinspirememk2 (our account got hacked into by this bitch and deleted.)

Anyways. I've strayed from the pro-ED internet world for the past 6 months, attempting normalcy. Trying to fight my ED myself. I tried to just have fun like a normal 18 year old. I drank, I smoked weed much more (causing munchies which I tried to ignore so badly.) My eating disorder never really left, because frankly, I don't believe an eating disorder can be cured, even with professional help, I believe it will always partially be there. You're born like that. I tried to eat like my friends ate this summer,  and for any of you who are friends who are stoners know, is a lot. And what did this "normalcy" bring me? close to my highest weight.

So, I saw a post asking 'how to loose 20 pounds in a month' (HAHAH.) and I want you to know I'm not like that. I've been diagnosed with "EDNOS  with bulimic tendencies" for about3  3 1/2 years now, and have been actually carrying out this behavior since I was about 12.  But I wanted to ask people, what are little things that you personally do to remind yourself how important this is to you? (ex, I used to carry a picture of 'thinspiration' in my pocket, and when I wanted to eat, I'd feel through my pants to remind myself of the picture.) or what are little things you do each day to keep yourself from eating? (ex, I used to take baths whenever I was hungry. It soothes hunger pains, and reminds yourself how fat you are as your body lays in front of you.) Just , what's something original you do?

Wow, I appologize for rambeling. i'm still a little drunk, but I was thinking about this all day..
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